Upcoming Events

5-Day Clubs

June/July 5-Day Clubs & Events

Local backyard clubs coming to you Summer 2020!

Here are our 5-Day Club weeks available! Let us know which week you are interested in hosting or attending a club!

We will have our trained Summer Missionaries ready! They are already looking forward to leading the clubs this Summer.

August Clubs & Events

Let us know by planning ahead and marking one of these weeks on your calendar! Plan a club before the school semester starts back up!

VBS Training

VBS Training! Our 5-Day Club series is flexible and can be used as a VBS curriculum. We have trained summer missionaries who are able to come in and help to lead the VBS. Please call if you would like to set up a VBS training or have our trained team come to help lead the program.

The fair is one of my favorite times because of how many children are able to hear the Gospel. We may not be the ones to see the harvest; our job is to do what God calls us – to plant seeds.

– Oakland Macomb Volunteer

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